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About me

Short Bio

My name is Pablo Di Firma, I was born in Argentina in 1983, hold a Licentiate degree (BA/MA) in Graphic Design from UAI Rosario and studied Art Direction at the ESCP of Buenos Aires. Took training courses in areas related to design such as ortho-typography, creativity, movie script and photography.

As a freelancer in Argentina developed graphic projects for local clients in the field of corporate identity, editorial and web design. Worked in sustainable design projects for the Junta de Andalucía, Cordon Verde, Fundación Doñana, Plegadis, Retoeurope and More Park while working at Livio (Spain).

Currently, I’m working at DonWeb and studying University Professorship for Higher and Superior Education at the UAI Rosario (on hold).

Some of my work, mainly the posters, has been selected for international competitions and exhibited worldwide as a part of:

Poster contests/Biennials:

Poster exhibitions:


Design contests:

I have had the honor to be invited to fulfill jury roles at the following events:

Jury role:

About this site

This website is intended to showcase personal designs and posters that reflects my personality and thoughts, done by self motivation and need. Prints and copies are not available for sell.

Take a look at these projects:

I’m using these resources for making this website way better than it would: